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termined to hold a public Dinner in aid of the funds. The Dinner, which was given on the 2nd of March at the Gros-venor Gallery, and was presided over by Sir Julian Goldsmid, attained a large measure of success. One hundred and fifty guests were present, including Members of both Houses of Parliament and other persons of eminence in public life. The speech of the President will be found in the Appendix below. The collection announced at the Dinner amounted to the sum of 22,266.
The Branches have continued to give their useful co-operation in the work of the Parent Body, and they constitute by their moral and material support a power which deserves to be thoroughly appreciated by every well-wisher of the Jewish Community.
Cordial thanks are due and are hereby tendered to Her Majesty's Government for the benevolent consideration with which they have at all times attended to the representations made by the Council, jointly with the Board of Deputies, on behalf of foreign Jewish Communities. This gracious attention has not failed to produce good results, and has met with constant acknowledgment on the part of the sufferers themselves.
In Morocco and in many other localities of the East, the representatives of the foreign Powers, and especially those of this country, have shown a deep interest in the furtherance of education. In many instances they, together -with members of their families, have visited the Schools subventioned by this Association and by the Alliance Israelite, and thereby have helped to foster a feeling of amity among persons belonging to different nationalities. In consequence of such evidences of sympathy, exemplified in Morocco and in various parts of the Turkish dominions, .including Palestine, non-Jewish children have been attracted to the Alliance Schools, and the highest officers in Mahomedan countries begin to regard it almost as a privilege that they are now able to obtain for their children admission to the instruction afforded in Jewish Schools. In order to secure a full measure of success for the educational scheme of which the existing Jewxsh
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