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then for several years under the presidency of Baron Henry de Worms. (Applause.) This Association has done much good work, to which I am about to refer. It was established at a moment when, if you will remember, the kindred and, I may say, the parent body, the Alliance Israelite in Paris, was at a low ebb. This was owing to the effect of the Franco-German war, which had caused a feeling of deep animosity, I regret to say, even between German and French Jews, so that contributions did not come so readily from the German subscribers. Then we thought that we who were more happily placed ought to endeavour to do something on behalf of our oppressed brethren in all parts of the world, and it was owing to that idea that we established this Association. To show the sympathy which has ever since reigned between the Alliance Israelite and ourselves, I may tell you that I hold in my hand a telegram from the Secretary, M. Loeb, expressing very great regret at not being able to assist at this banquet, and hoping most cordially that we may have a successful gathering. (Applause.) Now, what have we done in these sixteen years ? We have endeavoured to vindicate the right of poor Jews in many parts of the world to live and be free from that oppression which has scandalised cruel governments in many countries. To give you an example of what may be done by the expression of public opinion, I desire to recall to your mind the fact that only four years ago Russia entered upon a course of persecution which does little credit to any State boasting of the civilisation of the nineteenth century. With the assistance of the Lord Mayor, a meeting was summoned by some of us at the Mansion House, with a view to calling the attention of the civilised world to what was going on. What was the result of that? Under the auspices of men of humanity like Cardinal Manning, Lord Shaftesbury (applause) and many others, a fund of nearly £100,000 was collected at the Mansion House. I took some part in its administration, and it did great good. Many of the suffering victims of persecution were received with sympathetic readiness in the United States, Canada, the Cape, and the Australian Colonies, and I believe there is a great future before these countries because they have shown hospitality to men of all races, all creeds, and all conditions. (Applause.) We have taken our part in endeavouring to allay persecutions, not only in Russia, but also in Roumania, where perhaps the Jews have been more persecuted than in any other country in modern times. In some barbarous lands, such as Morocco, we have also had much
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