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I shall devote my report principally to the course of technical education, with which I believe the future prosperity of the Jews of Jerusalem is bound up. The miserable system of chaluka will no doubt gradually become extinct, partly because the sources of supply are failing, and secondly because the great masses of the Jews in Jerusalem are earning an honourable competency in trade and other pursuits, whilst the wretched devotees of the chaluka, and those who trade upon the sacred associations of the Holy City, and who I am well informed form a very small fraction of the population, look on with envy at the superior comforts and prosperity of those who thrive by industry, and this emulation will cause the gradual extinction of organized pauperism. ISTo doubt the chaluka system in its more favourable aspect, namely the maintenance of the aged and infirm, and of those who devote themselves to literary pursuits for bond ficle purposes, will survive, but its worst features will in due course be eliminated.
The Technical School contains a Forge, a Carpenter's Shop, a Cabinet-maker's Bench, a Tailor's Department, a Shoe-maker's Shop, a Turner's Lathe, a School of Art for modelling, drawing and sculpture, and a Gymnasium for physical development.
Of these Schools, the Forge, the Carpenter's Shop, and the School of Art have produced capital results; we saw Jewish lads, who have only been a few weeks at the classes, making some excellent sketches, and in order to test their genuineness gave them several impromptu subjects to execute in our presence, which they did admirably.
The Forge is another successful institution. Until very lately the trade of blacksmith was entirely in the hands of Syrian Christians, who objected to take either Moslem or Jewish apprentices. Now the Jewish School is thoroughly independent.
The teaching in the School, the Delegate Chief Rabbi informs me, is entirely to his satisfaction.
Although the French language is the medium of tuition and the general language adopted, Hebrew is used side by side, not only as a language of prayer, but also as a means of conversation. French, as a medium of inter-communication amongst Europeans and officials, is very much required in the East.
The Girls' School — Evelina de Rothschild Institute — contains 184 girls. Miss Schwartz was absent at Buda Pesth. The actual head-mistress is Mrs. Leah Greenberg, assisted by Miss Sultana Monastir.
Hebiion.—I regret to have to report very adversely upon the condition of our co-religionists in Hebron. The pleasure
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