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clerk of the works give her sixty centimes as her daily wages. They were in terrible distress at first and slept in caverns, but thanks to the exertions of Mr. Marcus Adler, who raised a fund in England, they are building cottages on the hill-side upon which they work themselves, and owing to their thrifty habits and aptitude for labour, it is to be hoped that their worst difficulties are passed, and that they will attain some degree of independence. There are two sets of tenements being built for them, the one by the London Committee and the other by the help of the Society called " Ezrath Nedachini." I may add, the Yemen Jews, both male and female, dress exactly like the native Arabs, from whom they are hardly distinguishable.
When I write upon the Jewish tenements in the interior of the city my report, of course, must be less favourable. I took the means of going alone with M. Valero, when unexpected, into some of the back streets and slums of Jerusalem ; I dropped into various houses here and there, and saw matters from a practical point of view. It is most unfair for any one coming from Princes Park,Liverpool, or Kensington, London, or the Champs Elysees, in Paris, instituting a comparison between those neighbourhoods and the lanes of Jerusalem. But I maintain that the old streets in Marseilles and Florence, the Ghetto in Pome, the labyrinths in Naples, and the slums of Venice, are infinitely worse than the worst slums of Jerusalem. Nay, more, I maintain that the old Judengasse in Frankfort, the Judengasse in Worms, and some of the by-lanes in Vienna are decidedly no better than those of Jerusalem. They are more ancient and grimy than dirty ; the absence of timber, and the constant employment of stone for building purposes in Old Jerusalem, gives a rough and jagged appearance to the walls, but there is nothing except the absence of drainage (and that is the same in every continental city, whether it be in France, Italy, or Austria) that calls for especial condemnation, nay, the dingy tenements inside Jerusalem, inhabited by the Sephardi Jews, are made presentable by a considerable use of clean white calico hung over the walls and covered over their simple furniture and beddings.
The Polish and Russian Jews have, of course, the habits of their native country, which are more Russian than Jewish. This is best proved by the large number of Russian Christian pilgrims who are constantly to be found in Jerusalem, and there is little to choose between the Russian Jews and Christians in point of cleanliness and sanitation; if there is a balance to be struck it is, perhaps, in favour of the former.
The Russian priest seems to be quite as slovenly in his
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