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Ins servants to search the Jewish houses, and strip them o£ all their contents. Our brethren, we entreat you by the name of Heaven, to stand by us, and lend us vour support tor it has been said of you that you form a bond of brotherhood throughout the land. You are exercising a mighty influence; it is in your power to save the oppressed from the oppressor. Have pity upon us. Who will interest himself for us in our dire distress if our own brethren stand aloof ? Seasons have gone by, and hitherto we have remained unhelped. If the evil-minded Governor be not removed from his post, or if his guilt be not laid bare, according to the severity of truth, after so many evils he has indicted upon us, the past misfortunes will not be confined to the circle in which we were placed, they will extend to all the Jews throughout Moghreb. Persecution unchecked can only grow. The example he is setting will prove fatal to many other Jews. We trust to Heaven that you will entertain a feeling of sympathy towards us in our crushing calamities. Do not rest until you shall have drawn forth our cause to the light of justice. _ Do not withhold from us your benevolent attention, and merit from us the prayers which are bestowed upon merciful and compassionate men.
Written, with weeping hearts, by a remnant of the Community of Demnat.
The Council, after conferring with the Delegates of the Board of Deputies, instituted searching inquiries into the complaints made by the Demnat Jews. On the 19th December they sent, jointly with the representatives of that Board, a memorial to Her Majesty's Government, pointing out that the barbarities and extortions, of which the Governor of Demnat seemed to be guilty, did not appear to be fully known to the Government of the Sultan of Morocco. The delegates, therefore, requested, " That the powerful and beneficent influence of Her Majesty's Government should be employed to secure for the weak and unoffending community of Demnat prompt and effectual protection against their ruthless persecutor."
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