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The Eleventh Annual Report (pp. 29 & 30) set forth a correspondence which took place with His Imperial Highness the Prince Zil-us-Sultan, Governor of Ispahan, Pars, &c., by which it appeared that this Prince had secured complete equality of treatment to the Jewish population residing in the vast provinces placed under his jurisdiction. A letter of thanks, accompanied by a Persian translation, bore the signatures of Baron Henry de Worms, M.P., President, Sir Albert Sassoon, C.S.I., one of the Vice-Presidents of the Anglo-Jewish Association, and of Mr. Joseph Sebag, Vice-President of the Board of Deputies,
The following reply, translated from the original Persian, was received in July, 1884 :—
[Translation op a Letter from HJ.H. the Prince 2il-tjs-Sultan to Sir Albert Sassoon, Baron de Worms, and Joseph Sebag, Esq., the select Bepresentatives of the Ancient Nation of Israel.]
I received your letter during my stay in Teheran, and was made aware of its contents. I brought the letter in original to the sacred sight of His Gracious Majesty (my august Lord and benefactor, and may my soul be sacrificed for him). His Majesty was much pleased for the manner in which you had expressed your thankfulness,
I am also highly obliged for your declaration of appreciation and satisfaction for the comfort and security enjoyed by the Jews under my Government. I hope under the shadow of His Majesty, who is the supporter of the nation and of the Government (ancl unto whom may my soul be sacrificed) to be enabled to continue to have in the highest degree a just regard for, and to foster and support the nation in its several creeds and communities without making any distinction what-
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