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hastened to the office of the Procurator of the town with the object of lodging a complaint, but he was told to present himself on the following day. Next day the investigation was again delayed. Suspecting that it was intended to hush up the affair, the ill-treated young man hastened to Bucharest to bring his complaint before the proper authorities. On the 17th March he presented a petition to the Minister of Justice and demanded satisfaction. The Minister forthwith sent a telegram to the Tribunal ordering an official inquiry. But it does not appear that Porumbar was made to suffer for this fiendish crime.
The copious information received by the Council was arranged and digested by two of its members— Mr. Benjamin Kiscli, and Mr. Lionel E. Pyke, who received the thanks of the Council. Towards the end of the present session the Council received new and voluminous documents, among others, a valuable publication in German, under the signature of Dr. Junius, bearing upon the condition of the Roumanian Jews. Mr. D. F. Schloss, another member of the Council, was asked by the Executive Committee to work up into a pamphlet the digest already made, incorporating the further material that had since come to hand; and he has prepared a concise document, in which the cause and the claims of the Roumanian Jews are set forth with lucidity and precision—a task involving much care and labour.
The Council, in passing a cordial vote of thanks to
Mr. Schloss, wish to put on record the great value they attach to his masterly production, which it is hoped will materially assist in obtaining justice for the Jews of Roumania.
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