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Ou August tlie 4th Baron Henry de Worms asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs—
Whether he was aware that the number of Jews in Rou-mania rendered destitute by the new edict against hawking is 20,000, and not 2,000, as stated in the despatch of Her Majesty's Representative,dated Bucharest, June 29th ? Whether he was aware that the Jews and their families thus reduced to destitution by the action of the Roumanian Government were unable to leave Roumania, for the purpose of earning their living elsewhere, from the fact that the Roumanian Government would not, even in the case of those who have been domiciled in that country for generations, grant them the necessary passports, on the ground that they were not Roumanian subjects ? Whether this action was not a distinct violation of Article 44 of the Treaty of Berlin ? Whether he was aware that Article 7 of the Roumanian Constitution, made subsequent to, and on the basis of, the understanding by which Roumania was granted her independence by the Great Powers, was used as a means of evading the express stipulations of Article 44 of the Treaty of Berlin ? And whether Her Majesty's Government, as one of the Signatory Powers at the Treaty of Berlin, would alone, or in conjunction with the other Powers, make representations to the Roumanian Government on the subject ?
Lord Edmond Fitzmaurice, in reply, said
In a despatch dated July 21, a copy of which has been supplied to the hon. member, Her Majesty's Minister at Bucharest intimates that the number of Jews in Roumania affected by the edict referred to " is much more considerable than the 2,000 mentioned in his previous despatch." It seems doubtful whether this edict is at variance with Article 44 of the Treaty of Berlin. Inquiry will, however, be made as to the statement that Jews are prevented from leaving Roumania, and until an answer is received I can make no further statement.
The foregoing interpellation having been much discussed in the continental Press, Baron H. de Worms addressed a letter to the Times on the 16th of August, in which he made the following further statements :—
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