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-twelve months have been light, it will be seen from the last Annual Report of the Parent Body that the work of the Anglo-Jewish Association is yearly assuming vaster proportions. The great benefits accruing to our brethren in different quarters of the globe, due to the untiring efforts of the Association, cannot be too strongly dwelt upon. The oppressed are being emancipated, acts of violence and outrage diminished, the defenceless protected, schools established, and the grand cause of education ■considerably furthered. By a communication received from the Parent Body in December last, we learn that technical instruction for Jewish youths in Jerusalem and Bagdad is receiving the attention of the Association, thus demonstrating that the schemes for the furtherance of education among our brethren in the East are of a most practical kind. No better means need be suggested to convince the Jewish Community •of this city of the necessity for a hearty support being extended to the Anglo-Jewisli Association than a perusal of the summary of its past history as contained in the last Annual Report.
The Council of this Branch would, then, in bringing to the ■cognizance of its members the noble work accomplished by the Association, earnestly appeal to each Member to use his best efforts to increase the roll of membership and amount of subscriptions of this Branch, so that Montreal s quota towards the general fund may be fully worthy of the metropolis of Canada.
(Signed) Louis Davis, President,
Clarence I. de Sola, Eon. Secretary.
Dols. Ct.
Aaronson, I., Esq. . . . 1 25
Aaronson, L., Esq. . . . 1 25
Abrahams, S., Esq. . . . 1 25
Ansell, A., Esq.....1 25
Ascher, H. S. G., Esq. . . 1 25
Auerbach, M. K., Esq. . . 1 25
Auerbach, Z., Esq. . . . 1 25
Benjamin, E. A., Esq. . . 1 25
Bilski, M., Esq.....1 25
Blumenthal, I., Esq. . . . 1 25
Blumenthal, J. H., Esq. . . 1 25
Boas, F., Esq. . . . . 1 25
Bresler, A., Esq.....1 2o
Brown, M., Esq.....1 2o
Cohen, J., Esq.....1 25
Cohen, Mark, Esq. (Hamilton) . 1 2o
Davis, I., Esq.....1 25
Davis, Louis, Esq.
Davis, Z., Esq.
De Sola, Aaron, Esq. . De Sola, Clarence I., Esq. De Sola, Gersbom, Esq, De Sola, Rev. Meldol Eichman, A., Esq.
Eisehell, G., Esq.
Fischell, S., Esq.
Goldberg, G., Esq. Goldberg, I., Esq. Goldstein, A., Esq. Goldstein, J., Esq. Goldstein, M., Esq., B.C.L. Goltman, S., Esq.
Harris, C., Esq.
Hart, Emile A, Esq.
Dols. Ct.
00 25 25 00 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25
1 25
25 25
1 25 1 25
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