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Trior to the Reorganisation of the Branch.
Haeem Samuel Keiiimkee, Esq., President, Hon. Secretary ij- Treasurer.
Joseph Samuel Kehimkee, Esq. Haeem Samuel Bhastekee, Esq. Reuben Benjamin Penkee, Esq. Joseph Ezekiel Rajpoebkee, Esq. Abeaham Samuel Hagawkee, Esq., L.C.E.
Shalome Isaac Sogawkee, Esq. Siialome Samuel Kehimkee, Esq. Reuben Samuel Kehimkee, Esq. David Aaron Gudkee, Esq.
Subedar Major & Sirdar Bahadoor
Samuel Isaac Jawlikee.
Shalome Moses
Subedar Major
Jacob Samuel Si-iiekolkee, Esq. Samuel Solomon Kagawkee, Esq. Shalome Samuel Dowgawkee, Esq.
Samuel Moses Killakee, Esq. Abraham Benjamin Yeerolkeri Esq.
David Benjamin Sanicee, Esq. Ezekiel Benjamin Penkee, Esq. Utah Solomon Chioeolker, Esq.
The Committee in presenting their Third Annual Report have much pleasure in congratulating the Members on the great influx of new Subscribers to this Branch, which they attribute to the reorganization effected through the influence of Mr. David F. Schloss, whose visit to India is referred to below.
On the receipt of the news regarding the persecution directed against the Russian Jews and the outrages to which they were subjected, the Beni-Israel Community were aroused to give expression to their fraternal feelings for their suffering Russian brethren, and subscriptions to the Relief Fund to the extent of 451 rupees were raised among them.
This year has been memorable for the visit of Mr. David F. Schloss, a Member of the Council of the Parent Association, who obtained from us replies to questions bearing upon the improvement of such educational and social matters as come within the scope of the Anglo-Jewish Association. On his visit to the School an address was presented to him by the Members of the Committee and the Representatives of the Beni-Israel Community of Bombay, of which the following is the copy.
Bombay, 1 Oth December, 1882.
To David Schloss, Esq.,
Barrister cit-Law.
Deae Sie,
We, the undersigned members of the Committee of the Israelite School and of the Bombay Branch of the Anglo-Jewish
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