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classes occupy forms. (benches with fixed desks), according to an improved modern system. If the resources permittee it, other class-rooms would likewise be supplied with suitable
school furniture. . .
Our School is dependent on. the grants of the Alliance Israelite and the Anglo-Jewish Association, on an impost of 1 karoub (3 centimes) levied on each pound oi meat, on Synagogue offerings, on rent raised by letting a spare part of the School premises, on some additional contributions granted to us by generous. donors, and. on collections made at the seasons of Purim and Chanukah. Every Saturday bread is sent for distribution at our School, and occasionally we receive special gifts of food. According to an ancient custom every notable pays on one "dayin the year for the meal of the pupils. For this purpose a' round sum is given by each donor, to the value of about 45 francs.- ■
The total income amounted" last" year to 74,400 francs; the expenditure was 73,800 francs,.leaving,a surplus of 600 francs.
The good results of our work are easily perceived. More than 200 former pupils, who at one time vegetated in misery, are now employed in government offices, railways, etc., in business, and in manual labour. They are able to support themselves, and most of them ' assist their families. A training establishment for apprentices is connected with the School, and receives from Baron de Ilirsch-a subvention of 6,000 francs per annum. From the School funds it receives aoout 2,400 francs. At present 65 apprentices are employed. After the day's work is completed they attend a course of lessons. This organisation has produced excellent results. 150 former apprentices are now workmen and earn a competency for themselves and their families. The apprentices receive from the Committee two meals a day.
The Tunis Girls' Schoolis directed by Mdlle. Ungar, a native of Bonn, who is assisted by a French governess, Mdlle. Olmi, and by'a native mistress, who teaches needlework. The plan ol instruction nearly coincides with that of the Boys School. This School has an income of 5,300 francs, which covers all expenses. The School for Girls is in the same locale as that for Boys, but with a separate entrance oil a different side of the building. The funds for the erection of the Girls' School were obtained by means of a loan, gradually repayable through the aid of local collections. The premises accommodate 225 pupils, and ought to be considerably enlarged in order to satisfy the educational requirements.
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