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The articles made in the turnery workshop are very creditably finished. If depots for the sale of these articles were started in London and Paris, the institution might be materially benefited.
The want of a good Jewish girls' School is much felt in Jerusalem, and if such a school were founded on the same principles as the boys' School the benefit to the community would be enormous. I was assured by the Ohacham Bashi and other leading Rabbis that such an institution would be much welcomed. As it is now, the state of education amongst Jewesses is deplorable, and the evil increases daily. The necessity of such an institution cannot be too strongly urged, and it should, if possible, be affiliated to the boys' School.
Before concluding my remarks on M. Nissiin Behar's establishment, I may here mention that ono of the pupils, aged fourteen years, performs the duties of a preacher. He has a handsome intelligent countenance, and his discourses are given in Spanish. Every Friday morning he is furnished with the text and the headings for the sermon of the following Sabbath, which he has to deliver extempore. At first the attempt was held up to ridicule by the Jews of Jerusalem, but now the synagogue is crowded by listeners, a large number of whom are women. I heard the lad give a sermon on the institution of the Passover. Dressed in clean and highly-becoming oriental robes, the young preacher began in a somewhat diffident manner, but warming to his work he waxed into eloquence, and delivered a sermon of marvellous fluency. The service in the synagogue is carried on partly according to the Ashkena.z and partly according to the Sephardi ritual. M. JNTissim Behar endeavours as much as possible to avoid making any distinction between his Ashkenazim and Sephardim pupils, by instilling into their minds that they are Jews first, and that all other distinctions are by comparison trivial.
On April 19th I visited the Orphanage directed by Dr. Herzberg. The building is in a good situation in the suburb outside the Jaffa gate. This establishment contains 10 orphan boys who are boarders, i.e., 3 Ashkenazim, 4 Sephardim, and 8 Mograbee. In addition, there are 3 day boarders, the children of Jewish refugees from Russia. The course of instruction embraces Hebrew, sacred history, Mischna, Bashi, elementary grammar, Hebrew conversation, and writing; German, reading, writing, and speaking; arithmetic, geography, the rudiments of geometry and of the English language.
The teaching staff consists of two Rabbis. Each child is taught Hebrew according to the pronunciation of his family, but the daily prayers, which are read by a Ohacham, arc said in the Sephardi pronunciation.

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