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schools in the east.
communicate on this subject with the Committee at Tangier, with the view of adopting such a course of action as might be deemed needful under existing circumstances.
The attention of Her Majesty's Minister at Tangier having at an early stage of the occurrence been directed to this outrage, the person who had been the principal cause of the commission of the offence was punished by the authorities.
Bagdad.—(130 pupils : subvention by the Anglo-Jewish Association, £120.)—The Bagdad School has attained an excellent position under the management of Mr. Morris Cohen. The study of the English language confers great practical benefits on the pupils, to whom it opens prospects for employment in India; while the general popularity and efficiency which this institution has acquired, has from year to year been attested by several members of the Consular body at Bagdad.
The English School Library was much prized by the learners of the English language. The Silas Sassoon Trust Fund, which the donor had granted for the encouragement of English studies, was being used partly for the extension of the English circulating school library, and partly for the award of prizes to meritorious pupils.
At the instance of the Anglo-Jewish Association,
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