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that Sir J. D. Hay reports that Mr. White, who during his absence on leave was in charge of Her Majesty's Legation, lost no time as soon as he heard of the outrage, in using his good offices with the Moorish authorities to obtain the arrest of the perpetrators of the crime, and compensation for the family of the murdered man. The parties who are supposed to have committed the murder were arrested and placed in prison, where they still remain, and the sum of four hundred dollars has been delivered by the Governor of Tangier to a respectable Jew for the heirs of the deceased, until the rabbi decides who may be the rightful parties to receive it. Sir J. D. Hay understands that this money was partly collected from the inhabitants of the district where the murder was committed and partly from the sale of the property of the murderers.
Since his return to his post, Sir J. D. Hay has sent to the Governor of Tangier to request him not to release the murderers from prison, and the Governor has replied that he has no intention of liberating them.
With regard to the exclusion of the Jewish poor of Mogador from participation in the bounty granted by the Sultan out of the proceeds of the tax levied on grain imported into that port, I am further directed to inform you that Mr. White, in Sir J. D. Hay's absence, did not fail to call the attention of the Moorish authorities to this hardship, but it appears that the " Oomana " to whom the question has been referred, have decided that according to the Maliomedan religion, the part proceeds of such a tax cannot be allotted as charity to those who do not profess the Mahomedan faith.
Sir J. D. Hay was told, when at the Court, that orders had been sent to the authorities at Mogador to make the distribution to the poor without reference to creed; but he understands that the above is the strict interpretation of the law, and he fears that it will be very difficult to induce the Moorish Government to swerve from it.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient, humble servant, (Signed) Philip W. Currie.
The Secretary, Anglo-Jewish Association.
With regard to the condition of the Jewish poor of Mogador, it appeared to the Council that fresh representations to the Sultan might be made on the follow-
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