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Communities to effect insurances upon tlie houses inhabited by the poorer classes. It haying, however, been ascertained that the premium required would be so heavy as to form a large addition to house rent, the Council have for the present reluctantly abandoned this recommendation.
In a letter which the Chief Rabbis of the Spanish and German congregations in Jerusalem addressed to the Council, the Anglo-Jewish Association was entreated to intercede, with the object of preventing the sale of a plot of ground said to contain the graves of Zechariah and other Prophets. The writers stated that this property had hitherto been held by a Mahomedan, who intended to transfer it to Russian purchasers belonging to the Greek Church. A correspondence having taken place on this subject, the Council ascertained that the sale had been stopped, and that the Ottoman Government would under no condition sanction the alienation of property which was held in equal estimation of sacredness by Malio-medans and non-Mahomedans.
In some provinces of Persia the Jewish population begin to enjoy a more liberal treatment from thg
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