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The Provincial and Colonial Branches have, with unabated zeal, aided the Association in the fulfilment of its work, a fact which is amply proved in the several lists appended to this Report.
It is a matter of satisfaction to notice that three important Branches have been incorporated during the course of the present year.
On the 21st of January the Hull Branch was inaugurated under the presidency of Mr. J. L. Jacobs. The Rev. A. Lowy attended as Secretary of the Anglo-Jewish Association, and addressed a large meeting, which was held in the Synagogue.
In the same month a Branch was formed at Gape Town under the auspices of the Rev. A. F. Ornstien, Minister, and Mr. David Isaacs, President of the Congregation. Mr. Ornstien having been subsequently engaged on travels in the interior of the Cape Colony, the Council have been informed that this gentleman had kindly undertaken to enrol members in various localities which he intended to visit.
By the efforts of Mr. David F. Schloss, a member of the Council, who visited Calcutta in February last, a Branch was inaugurated there on the
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