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Appendix to Annual Report of the Leeds Branch.
Since our Annual Report proper was forwarded to the Parent Body for publication, we have to chronicle two irreparable losses which have befallen this Association. Naming them in the order in which they occurred, we have first to mention the death of the Rev. A. L. Green, who was one of the founders of the Association and likewise a most valuable and energetic member of the Council of the Parent Body. The Branch on that mournful occasion forwarded a letter of sympathy, the gratifying reply to which is appended, to the bereaved widow and family. We have next to deplore the demise of the late Right Honourable Sir George Jessel, Master of the Rolls, who was a Vice-President of this Association, and admittedly one of the brightest ornaments that ever adorned the judicial bench. The Branch on the occurrence of that melancholy event forwarded a telegram of sympathy to Lady Jessel and family, a copy of which and the appreciative reply received thereto will be found annexed.
Copy of letter received from Mrs. A. L. Green, in reply to one _ forwarded to her by the Leeds Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association on the sad occasion of the death of her revered husband, the late Rev. A. L. Green, addressed to the Honorary Secretary :—
4, cnablotte Street,
Portland Place, W.,
16f& 1883.
Deah Sin,
I have the honour to acknowledge the touching expressions of sympathy which I have received from the Leeds Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association on the occasion of my recent bereavement.
It is indeed a source of never-failing consolation to know that my late husband's services to the Association and the entire Community are so feelingly and cordially appreciated.
I have the honour to be, Dear Sir,
Yours faithfully,
Piicebe Green.
Henry Worms, Esq.,
Hon, Sec.
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