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eleventh annual report.
Hebron.—The Jewish Community of Hebron wrote a fervent appeal to the Anglo-Jewish Association to obtain assistance towards the maintenance of a Jewish Hospital and to secure the services of a resident medical practitioner. The writers pointed out that, owing to the absence of medical help and of a hospital for the reception of the sick, there were numerous deaths through epidemics and other destructive maladies. The application from Hebron having received the support of the European Consuls, it was determined that countenance should be given to the application if a Committee at Hebron could be formed, having European members to take part in the administration of the funds.
Smyrna.—Complaints were received from Smyrna, and confirmed by the Alliance Israelite, respecting the confiscation of a large portion of the ancient Jewish cemetery which is situated at Kara Tash, a village in the vicinity of Smyrna. The municipal authorities at Smyrna, with the view of locating some of the Turkish refugees, had erected on the ground about four hundred sheds, and it was apprehended that the authorities intended to dispossess the Jews of a further section of that property. The Foreign Consuls, with whom, however, the German Consul did not seem disposed to co-operate, protested against this act of spoliation, but their protest was ineffectual. The Grand Rabbi of Smyrna was thereupon requested to head a deputation
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