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speeches delivered have been published in pamphlet form by direction of the Council of this Association. At that meeting the following resolutions were
1.—That in the opinion of this meeting the persecutions and the outrages which the Jews in many parts of the Russian dominion have for several months past suffered are an offence to civilisation to be deeply deplored.
2.—That this meeting, while disclaiming any right or desire to interfere in the internal affairs of another country, and desiring that the most amicable relations between England and Russia should be preserved, feels it a duty to express its opinion that the laws of Russia relating to Jews tend to degrade them in the eyes of the Christian population, and to expose Russian Jewish subjects to the outbreaks of fanatical ignorance.
3.—That the Lord Mayor be requested to forward a copy of these resolutions to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone and the Right Hon. Earl Granville, in the hope that Her Majesty's Government may be able, when an opportunity arises, to exercise a friendly influence with the Russian Government in accordance with the spirit of the preceding resolutions.
4.—That a fund be raised at the Mansion House for the purpose of contributing to relieve the distress among the Jewish population of Russia and among the refugees therefrom, which distress has been caused by the recent outrages of which they have been the victims, and also for the purpose of effecting some permanent amelioration in their condition in such manner as the Committee may deem expedient, whether by emigration or otherwise. That the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor be requested to receive contributions on behalf of such fund, and that the following gentlemen be requested to serve on the Committee, with power to add to their number :—the Lord Mayor, his Grace the Archbishop _ of Canterbury, his Eminence Cardinal Manning, the Lord Bishop of London, Sir Nathaniel de Rothschild, M.P., Mr. Alfred de Rothschild, Mr. Benjamin L. Cohen, Sir Alexander Gait, Sir Julian Goldsmid, Mr. Henry Hucks Gibbs, Alderman Sir Robert W. Garden, M.P., Alderman Sir Benjamin Phillips, Mr. Alderman Cotton, M.P., Mr. E. D. Mocatta, Rev. Canon Earrar, Dr. Asher, The Right Hon. J. G. Hubbard, MP., Mr. Alderman and Sheriff Hanson, Mr. Alderman Fowler, MP., Mr. Sheriff Ogg, The
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