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Last year's Report of the Council gave a brief account of the recent outrages upon the Jews in Russia. The persecutions having since that time increased to an unprecedented extent, letters, telegrams, and emissaries from Russia came without intermission, imploring immediate aid.
In the autumn the Council took the first step towards giving practical effect to a principle which had been broached in nearly every annual Report, viz., that the work undertaken by the Association should derive its support from every Jewish household, and they applied it to the Russo-Jewish work. The Council therefore made common cause with the Board of Deputies, and with other prominent Jewish representative men, in order to form a homogeneous Committee which should deal with the greatest Jewish question of the day. With this object and on the initiative of the Council, meetings were held on the 6th and 13th of November, when an Executive Committee was appointed consisting of fifteen members. Its numbers were subsequently enlarged, and it now forms the body known by the name of the Russo-Jewish Committee. The Council contributed £50 from the funds of the Association towards the expenses incurred by this Committee, the labours of which constitute an important and special chapter in the history of the Jews of England.
As the year advanced, the outrages in Russia in-
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