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Coalition of Branches.—The request of the Ballarat Branch to co-operate with Melbourne in the matter ol the Victorian Russo-Jewish Emigration Fund, and the simultaneous movement made by this Branch to seek the assistance oi .ballarat and Sandhurst for the same object, indicates the strong that exists between the Victorian branches oi the Anglo-Jewish Association, a condition the Committee hope will always be maintained for the sake of that great bon of brotherhood upon the basis of which the Association is founded.
Objects of the Association.—The objects of the Association are " To assist in counteracting the consequences of intolerance and of persecution to which the followers of Judaism are exposed in some foreign countries ; and also to encourage Jewish education in central localities abroad, with the view ot removing many evils which arise from the prevalence of lgnoi-ance, and more directly from the absence of properly-organised Schools." Even in ordinary times the carrying out ot such a programme cannot fail to command the hearty support o eveiy right-minded Israelite. But the present, it need hardly be said, is not an ordinary time. The bitter and determined hostility which has been recently directed against our brethren in fcrer-many, the cruel and unprovoked outrages to which they have been wantonly subjected in Russia, show but too clearly the continued vitality of those unhappy prejudices which the spread of civilization and enlightenment were confidently supposed to have all but extinguished. These manifestations of ignorance and intolerance must raise in the hearts of all possessed ot the common feelings of humanity sentiments of sorrow and sym-pathy for the innocent sufferers ; but, in addition to this, we, as Jews, must feel ourselves animated with an earnest desire to draw more closely the bonds of race and religion, and to show in some practical way how completely we identify ourselves with the interests of our brethren in all parts of the world. The existence of the Anglo-Jewish Association affords the humblest among us the opportunity of bringing himself m
with his co-religionists scattered in the four corners of the earth, and of participating in the noble work of relief and amelioration, while at the same time it gives full scope to the philanthropy of the rich and influential in our midst.
EPHRAIM L. ZOX, President, NAHUM BAR.NET, Hon. See.
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