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George Meares, Esq., ex-Mayor of Melbourne, to 8b Qeorgo ore on, I.G.B., R. Caldwell, Esq., J.P., and other Christian fhe fund3n' ' zea^ous efforts in promoting the objects of
Victorian Russo-Jewish Emigration Fund.—The horrible an unprecedented outrages which have been perpetrated upon the whole Jewish population of Russia by the brutal inhabi-tants oi that country, and the scheme adopted to bring about an emigration of the oppressed and afflicted to America and elsewhere, was brought under the notice of this Branch through le means of an eloquent appeal from the Rev. A. Lowy. lo assist in canying out this object the Committee (in con-nection with the Committees of the Ballarat and Sandhurst branches) are about to issue a pamphlet embodying the appeal, and an epitomised report of the persecutions—the result cannot be published until the next Annual Report. The Committee have received communications from the Right Rev. Dr. Moor-house, the Anglican Bishop of Melbourne, and the Very Rev. Di. Ooold, the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, expressing sympathy in the protests which are being everywhere made against the atrocious persecutions of the Jews of Russia.
The Member Roll.—Means have been adopted during the past year to increase the Member roll of this Branch, and circulars, setting forth the objects of the Association, have been distributed. The number of Members now exceeds one hundred, and the subscriptions received amount to nearly £60. The ladies of the community are earnestly invited to add their names to the Member roll of the Association.
The Association and its Relation to Local Societies.— A communication having been received by this Branch from the Melbourne J ewish Philanthropic Society relative to certain Hebrew children confined in the Government Industrial Schools, it was resolved to inform the President of that Society that it does not come within the scope of the Anglo-Jewish Association to interfere in such matters. The Committee take this opportunity of stating that where perfectly-organised Societies exist, it is outside the province of the Association or its Branches to intrude its services. (See " Objects of the Association," below.)
Monthly Reports.—Arrangements have been made with the Parent Institution to print epitomised reports of the monthly transactions of the London Council, which will be duly distributed amongst the members of this Branch,
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