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Sons, of 31, Throgmorton Street, E.G., who had kindly undertaken to receive and transmit all moneys collected for the relief of our suffering brethren in Southern Russia.
Mr. Alfred Wills, Q.C., Recorder of Sheffield, has during the past year honoured the Branch by becoming an annual subscriber. We append a very gratifying letter received from him on that occasion.
The Branch, on the sad news of the death of the late President Garfield reaching these shores, forwarded a telegram to His Excellency the American Minister in London, expressing deep sympathy with Mrs. Garfield and family. A copy of the telegram forwarded, and the appreciative replies received thereto, will be found appended.
The Branch also expressed sympathy with Sir Edward Baines, J.P., on the death of Lady Baines, which attention was gratefully acknowledged.
On the mournful occasion of the death of our first honorary member, the late Right Honourable Lord Justice Lush, the Branch forwarded a telegram of sympathy to the members of his lordship's family, and likewise a wreath of immortelles to be placed on the coffin of the late lamented Judge. A copy of the acknowledgment of the reception of the telegram and wreath, by Mr. Montague Lush, will be found annexed.
We have a melancholy satisfaction, now that the writer is no more, in reproducing a copy of a letter which appeared in the Report for 1878, and which we now append, addressed by the late Lord Justice Lush to the Hon. Secretary on the objects of the Anglo-Jewish Association, more particularly as the communication in question, as will be seen at a glance, in protesting emphatically against persecution, bears most singularly on the present unfortunate position of affairs in Russia.
We have to deplore with unfeigned sorrow the outrages and persecutions that have prevailed in Russia against our brethren in faith. It is our earnest prayer that the steps taken by the Parent Body of this Association, coupled with the meetings which have been held by our Christian friends in many towns in England, to protest against such cruelties as were permitted by the Russian authorities, may be the means of preventing a recurrence of the outrages.
The Christian subscribers and donors to this Branch of the Association, who represent nearly every class of profession and trade of Leeds and other towns, are entitled to, and we herewith tender them, our very best thanks, for the great support they have accorded us during the past year.
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