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Armenians take the lead in commerce, through the relations they have formed with Western Europe. They cannot boast of a similar ascendancy in regard to morality. The numbers of thieves and brigands on the one side, and of certain debased characters on the other side, are principally recruited from the ranks of non-Jews. It happens very rarely that a Jew is accused of any species of crime. The fact is that the Jews are under a more direct influence of their sacred religious tenets, and of the powerful tie of home life. Jewish parents impress their children of the tenderest age with an enduring dread of wicked action. Contagious maladies and the consequent rate of mortality are greater amongst the Christians than amongst the Jews.
7. At all times the followers of our religion have been kept apart from the other communities. Prejudices and ill-will were here at play. The Greeks were especially hostile to the Jews. When Passover approached, the stupid calumnies about blood were stirred up, and gave rise to outrageous attacks on the part of the Hellenic Palikaris. But thanks to the effect of education, and modern ideas—thanks also to the influence exercised by the functionaries of the Alliance—the prejudices are gradually decreasing ; and although the Smyrna Jews do not yet hold in society the position they should occupy, there is every reason to hope that after some years these dreadful differences will subside. Frequently the spiritual Heads of the Catholics, Greeks, Armenians and Turks are present at the celebration of our scholastic ceremonies, and they exchange visits with our Chief Rabbi. These are indications that we are approaching the goal of mutual amity.
8. Measures for improving the condition of our Jewish brethren must always remain dependent oil political circumstances. An Administration, both firm and disposed to favour the progress of the inhabitants of Asia Minor, might unquestionably develope the immense resources of the country, and then the Jews too would partake of the advantages which a good Government offers to the industrious classes. At present one meets with scarcely any industrial enterprise. A great portion of the soil lies fallow. Public security together with the character of various public transactions leave likewise much to be desired; in fact everything for the benefit of the people has yet to be done in this country, which has been favoured by nature, but has been impoverished by the improvidence of the authorities. In conclusion, it must be borne in mind that the most efficient means for improving the present state of things
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