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of such highways. It was also pointed out that the formation of well-constructed roads would materially improve the prospects of commercial intercourse, and that at the outset the roads might be guarded by military posts.
Sir John, after minutely discussing the questions submitted to his consideration, assured the Deputation that he would in no instance fail to give his best and closest attention to every practicable proposal for rendering efficient services to persons and communities with whom he was brought in contact through his official position, whether of the Jewish or of any other creed.
The Council, to whom the result of the interview was reported, expressed their grateful appreciation of Sir John's benevolent assurances.
Cruelties of Moorish Governors.-— Entiea.— Letters received in June and in subsequent months informed the Council of the following facts : Jacob Dahan, 65 years old, residing at Entifa, a town in the vicinity of Morocco, had during the time of the famine afforded a home to a destitute Mahomedan woman. The Governor of the town, who had an eye on Dalian's property, sent for that man, and after reproving him for giving shelter to a Mahomedan woman, caused him to be nailed to the ground, and to be flogged to death. The Governor only consented to give up the corpse of the slain man, after the Jews of the town had slaughtered seven bulls as a propitiatory offering, and had presented him with the sum of eighty dollars. He also confiscated the property
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