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which has been addressed to your Lordship by the Presidents respectively of the London Committee of Deputies of British Jews and of the Anglo-Jewish Association, complaining of the proposal made by me as reported in my despatch, JSTo. 91, of the 13th May last, that for the future the Jews of Morocco should make their appeals direct to the Moorish Minister for Foreign Affairs.
In Protocol JTo. 9 of the Conference held at Madrid on the 19th June, will be found the text of the letter which the Sultan addressed to Cid Mohamed Bargash, directing him to attend to the appeals of his Jewish subjects in cases where they may have been unable to obtain redress from Moorish Governors, and ordering that he should act justly and not conceal from His Majesty the arbitrary proceedings of his officers in cases where he, Cid Mohamed Bargash, may be unable to effect a just and satisfactory settlement.
This letter was read at the Conference to the Plenipotentiaries, and the President " Constata au nom de tons les Plenipotentiaires la vive satisfaction avec laquelle la Conference accueille les declarations qui viennent de lui etre faites. Les Plenipotentiaires voient, dans le principe, qu'elles etablissent d'un appel au Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres a la fois une preuve des sentiments de justice qui animent Sa Majeste & l'egard de ses sujets Israelites."
The Presidents of the Associations who addressed your Lordship the Memorial in question have evidently misapprehended the object I had in view in counselling the Sultan to take this step, for they appear to think that the door is now closed against the good offices of the Foreign Representatives when they deem it advisable to intervene on behalf of Jewish subjects of the Sultan who may have been the victims of the tyranny of Moorish Governors. This is not the case. The Jewish elders at Tangier, who are all under foreign protection, and the elders of the Israelitish communities at the ports and. in the interior will not be hindered from continuing to make known to the Foreign Representatives at Tangier the grievances their co-religionists may have to present, at the same time that they bring them also direct under the notice of the Minister for Foreign Affairs.
The Representatives will be enabled, in consequence of the powers which have been vested in Cid. Mohamed Bargash, to take a more active part if necessary in exercising their good offices in urging that justice be done to the plaintiffs in cases that may have been brought to their knowledge.
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