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for the Alexandrian Jewish Community effectual guarantees that they would not be molested by the prejudiced populace. Her Majesty's Government complied with this request, and obtained prompt telegraphic assurances that complete tranquillity had been restored and would be maintained.
Correspondents in Alexandria have stated that Her Majesty's Agent and Consul-General in Egypt was amongst the first of the Representatives of Foreign Governments who interposed their good offices to put a stop to the threatened outrages. The heads of the Jewish Community in Alexandria, with whom the Council placed themselves in telegraphic communication, have in several letters expressed their grateful appreciation of this timely interposition.
The Egyptian Government, who treat the Jews with an exemplary degree of justice and benevolence, have appointed a Commission to investigate the origin of the slanderous attack upon the Jewish residents of Alexandria.
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The Council were informed at the close of the past winter that King John of Abyssinia, for the purpose of consolidating his Empire, had arranged a marriage between his son and the daughter of his less potent rival, Menelek. At the same time he had announced his
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