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Mahomedans. As these children were about to be wrested from the care of their mother, the Jewish inhabitants of Ispahan had appealed to the Governor to allow a delay of three months before taking further action. In the meantime applications were forwarded to the Anglo-Jewish Association and to other Public Bodies, entreating them to intercede, in order that justice might be done, both in regard to the case of the orphans, who would rather die than forsake the religion of their ancestors, and in regard to some other grievances under which the Jews were labouring in consequence of the fanatical prejudices of the Mahomedan population. The subject of the communications having been considered by the Joint Committee of Delegates of the Anglo-Jewish Association and the Board of Deputies at a meeting on the 31st of March, it was arranged that Iler Majesty's Government should be memorialised with the view of securing the good offices of the British Representatives relative to the Jews in Ispahan, and also of obtaining better protection in general for the Persian Jews.*
Hamadan.—During the summer of 1880 the representatives of the large Jewish Community at Hamadan applied to the Anglo-Jewish Association for relief of the distress caused by long-continued famine. The Chairman of the Executive Committee seeing that the application could not be entertained by the Council, brought the case to the knowledge of a
* Later telegrams from Persia received through Messrs. Bassoon stated that the Prince Governor of Ispahan had through British influence been prevailed upon to afford to the Jews the "benefit of his official protection.
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