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Office. The despatch states that through the good offices of Mr. Vice-Consul Baker, a Jewish widow at Nisch had been fully compensated for some house property, of which the Municipality of Nisch had taken possession for purposes of local improvements. At the same time the Council received from other sources of information the following intelligence :—
The Municipality of Nisch, a body principally composed of merchants, who were jealous of the Jewish tradesmen, had, since the emigration of the Maliomedan population, caused the weekly market to be held on Saturdays, instead of Fridays, and for alleged purposes of local improvements had ordered the demolition of houses owned by Jews without awarding them due compensation.
Full consideration having been given to these subjects, the Council pointed out to their Correspondents Servia that the Association could only inter-
fere to remedy the existing state of things if it were found that all local resources for ameliorating the actual condition of the Jews had been exhausted.
While this report was being prepared for the press,, a statement appeared in the daily papers that the Slcuptschina had agreed, in accordance with the Treaty of Berlin, to admit the Jews to all civil and political rights.
A Letter op Condolence to Alexander III.—On the arrival of the terrible news that the Czar
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