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The Council have to deplore, with the deepest regret, the death of several representative men. The Bradford Branch lost its venerable President, Mr. I. A. Unna. In Manchester died, before the commencement of the present year, Dr. Isaac A. Franklin, whose name was identified with the Jewish institutions of that city; and in the month of March, Mr. Arthur Q. Henriques, the President and founder of the Manchester Branch, was carried to a premature grave. In Melbourne, the Anglo-Jewish Association lost the Rev. Moses Rintel, who was a most able and active worker in the Community.
Correspondence with the Honorary Officers of nearly every Branch has been carried on without intermission. The information demanded and given upon various topics of public interest has helped to maintain that harmony of sentiment which the Council have cultivated between the Parent Body and the affiliated organisations. To the several Representatives of the Anglo-Jewish Association in the Provinces, in the Colonies and in foreign parts, the Council offer their cordial and well-merited thanks for all the advantages they have derived from the co-operation of their brother Members.
With the utmost satisfaction the Council have to refer to the formation of important new Branches and Committees of Members. The entire Congregation
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