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to the Laws of the Association to apply its funds towards the relief of distressed persons, the cases of the destitute were referred to private charity and were generously relieved.
BAGDAD, &c.—Telegrams and letters applying for immediate help reached the Anglo-Jewish Association from Bagdad, Diarbekr, Mosul, as also from Aleppo and other regions in the Bast. In the first instance the distress was relieved through collections made under the auspices of Mr. Isaac Seligman; but as it became necessary to take a wider range in a work of public charity, and to follow the precedents set by the ' Tur-kish Compassionate Fund" and the "Turkish Sufferers' Fund," the subject of affording systematic relief was referred to a general and undenominational Committee, which put itself in communication with the heads of the respective Communities in the localities whence the urgent entreaties for assistance had come. Mr. Alfred Gr. Henriques, owing to his connection with this Association, became the Treasurer of that Committee. Nearly f 9,000 have already been collected, and numbers of Jews have been substantially relieved both in Bagdad and in other famine-stricken districts.
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