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ninth annual report.
testified in terms of high praise to the fact that Madame Leon had done great justice to her pupils. The Council felt it therefore their duty to make in this instance a grant of £40. In a report which Madame Leon sent to the Association, she gave an interesting history, both of the origin of her School and of the Communal affairs in Beyrout. Iier report points to the necessity of providing the destitute Jewish children of Beyrout with a proper Public School.
Gibraltar.-—Friends of Jewish Education in Gibraltar have for some years been desirous of obtaining the ordinary Government aid towards the support of their School, which is known by the name of the Hebrew Poor School. At the request of the Gibraltar correspondents, an application for a grant in aid was made last year on the part of the Association to the Colonial Office, and the Council had the satisfaction of being informed that the request had been considerately complied with. The Association is still in correspondence with members of the Gibraltar Congregation on the subject of improving the system of Jewish Education in that town.
Jaffa.—A correspondence between this Association and M, Charles Netter brought to light the fact that serious misapprehensions had been circulated respecting the Agricultural School at Jaffa, in consequence of false statements which a few untrustworthy persons had made to the late Chacham Bashi of the Sephardim Community in Jerusalem. M. Netter observed that, in giving a categorical refutation to several mis-
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