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direction of modern civilisation. They possess a model school, which leaves nothing to be desired, and which many towns might envy them. Unfortunately, at Damascus, they are, I must confess, very backward, and they have not even a simple, primary educational establishment. The result is that the children find themselves entirely without instruction, and remain in complete ignorance. This contrast between the Israelites of Bey rout and those of Damascus so struck me, that I immediately determined to come to their assistance and co-operate for their welfare by supporting them to the best of my ability. This Community, being deprived of an intelligent, spiritual chief, capable of guiding his co-religionists into the true road, desired to have a Rabbi who could unite vast knowledge to his talents and his humanity. I have been able to find, by chance, the Rabbi Marcadou, a very intelligent man, with whom I was acquainted at Nisch, and I have proposed him to the Community, who have expressed their acceptance with much enthusiasm. Having, then, placed at the head of the Community so active and intelligent a chief, it is now necessary to think of facilitating his labours by establishing a School."
The Jewish Community at Damascus, under the direction of its intelligent Chief Eabbi, realised the value of the advice they had received from that excellent Governor, and addressed themselves to the Anglo -Jewish Association soliciting its aid and countenance in establishing a good and efficient School. The Council accordingly announced to the applicants that a sum of £180 would be contributed in aid of the educational object under contemplation. Towards this amount, the Manchester Branch have sent a contribution of £50.
Beyeout.—Madame Leon, the Head Mistress of the Bey rout Girls' School, though contending with numerous difficulties, had succeeeded in giving to her school a superior degree of efficiency. Rustem Pasha, the Governor-General of the Lebanon, as also Mr. Arden Beaman, British Vice-Consul at Beyrout,
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