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An estimate for a School for 200 boys, and a similar number of girls, was appended to this circular, showing that the annual expenditure would be about 36,000 francs, of which 20,500 francs would be expended on salaries, and about 10,000 francs in purchasing clothing once a year for each scholar. The staff of male and female teachers would number fifteen persons.
As an earnest of the support which the Council of the Association desire to afford to this movement, the following resolutions were passed at their meeting on the 9th of February : —
1. That the sum of £100 be voted in aid of the Building
Fund of the Jewish Schools proposed to he established at Jerusalem.
2. That the Council express their willingness to vote a
sum of £100 in aid of the expenses of the said Schools during the first year, provided the Association approve of the scheme for the management of the Schools.
The Manchester Branch, always foremost in its pleadings and actions for the welfare of Jewish coreligionists, voted for the same purpose the sum of ;650.*
After the lamented death of M. Cremieux, a wish was felt throughout the Jewish Communities in the Old and the New World that the venerated name of this defender of his people should be commemorated in measures for the improvement of the rising generation in Jerusalem and in the other Jewish Settlements of Palestine. Taking into consideration the greatness
* Some contributions from private donors have already been subscribed, as will be seen in the Appendix under the head of " Donations to Schools in the East."
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