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Frequent reports having appeared in the daily papers about the contemplated expulsion of Jews from the region of the Don Cossacks, inquiries into the truth of these reports were made on the part of the Council, and the following information was received from a correspondent who has especial knowledge of the subject
" A great number of Jews being attracted by the facilities of communication, flock to St. Petersburg and Moscow, settle there as traders, and conform to the legal arrangements of tha country; but there are larger numbers who do not observe these formalities, and in many cases do not present themselves to the police authorities. This may go on so long as the police L suffer these irregularities; but as soon as a criminal or political
actioa occurs with which any Jews are connected who do not conform to the regulations of the local authorities, a legally authorised raid takes place, which generally ends in the expulsion of all such persons, including those who have long resided in the place. They are then, without further punishment, ordered to quit the country by a prescribed route, and on the way have to give an account of themselves to the police. Even then ameliorations can be brought about for the protection of those who are oppressed by the austerity of the officials. Such procedure on the part of the Government cannot be called , persecution of the Jews. The circumstances are similar
"v on the part of the Don Cossacks. The territory of the Don Cossacks formed, and still forms, one of the districts absolutely forbidden to the Jews. In consequence of the construction of a railway connected with the Cossack line, the Jews penetrated into this hitherto remote district, to take part in the works when the railway was being constructed. The Cossacks proceeded to vent the discontent with which they regarded certain new measures taken against themselves, and which they resented, upon the Jews, who admittedly had no legal right to reside in their territory. The Cossacks then demanded, and with success, the expulsion of the unprivileged Jews who dwelt amongst
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