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conspicuous amongst whom were a large number of Jews. An account of these expulsions was published by the Secretary, in the Times, on the 9tli of M. Callimaki Catargi, the Roumanian Paris, denied the allegations in the Journal des Debats, but it was subsequently proved from the Roumanian Official Gazette that this Agent had not fully acquainted himself with the true circumstances of the case. A few days later the Secretary was instructed to publish in the Times a statement that the Roumanian Government intended to grant to the Jews a specious kind of emancipation according to which the Roumanian Jews were to be classed in six categories. It was estimated that if this scheme were put into operation, it could not effect the emancipation of more than a few hundred Jews. Every care was therefore taken to send information of current proceedings to proper quarters here and abroad, and to make known Dr. Bluntschli's authoritative opinion as set forth in the translation of his pamphlet, published by the Association, and entitled " Roumania and the Legal Status of the Jews in Roumania."*
The anti-Jewish Roumanian press, in its endeavour to cast suspicion on the action taken by the Anglo-Jewish Association and by kindred Bodies on the Continent, spread a report that the Jews in Roumania had been directed to decline the proposals respecting their emancipation. The Council of the Association therefore deemed it advisable to pass the following
* This publication was announced in the last Annual Report (p. 65), and was distributed amongst the Members of both Houses of Parliament.
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