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1. Every Member interested in the progress of the Anglo-Jewish. Association is requested to assist in obtaining additional members.
2. The laws of the Anglo-Jewish Association having been revised, will be submitted to a General Meeting of the Parent Body, and then circulated amongst all the Members. New Members will be supplied with copies of the revised Laws.
3. The Honorary Secretaries of Branches'will confer an obligation if they will despatch their Report, together with the corrected list of Members and the annual remittances, in time to arrive in London in April, when the printing of the Council's Report will begin.
4. Any London Member of the Association, if prevented from giving immediate attention to the Collector's application for the Annual Subscription, is requested to send the payment to the Secretary within a week after receiving the application. All Cheques and Post-office Orders should be crossed " London and Westminster Bank," and be made payable to the " Treasurer oe The Anglo-Jewish Association."
5. Communications intended for the Anglo-Jewish Association, including additions and alterations in the list of Members, should be addressed to the Secretary,
The Eev. A. LOWY,
160, Portsdown Road, London, W.
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