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Brighton Branch will become a very important portion of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
On the 20th of May the Secretary of the Association, who was accompanied by Mr. Louis Hyams, of Birmingham, assisted at the inauguration of the Nottingham Branch. As in all other provincial congregations where Branches have been formed in recent years, scarcely a single member of the Community has refused his sympathy with a movement so important in its bearing on the welfare of hundreds of thousands of brother Israelites.
The Council wish to place on record their warmest thanks to Mr. L. Hyams for the exemplary zeal with which he has worked for the benefit of the Association in this case as in previous instances.
In Bedford Mr. M. Lissack, acting as Hon. Agent of this Association, has kindly undertaken to obtain contributions from generous residents in that town, and has thus earned the thanks of the Council.
The Council have had the satisfaction of receiving offers of adhesion from various parts of Morocco. In Casablanca several Jewish residents after having been in personal communication with Mr. L. A. Cohen, of Manchester and Mogador, spontaneously enrolled themselves as Members, and appointed as honorary Secretary Mr. Mimon Asaban. In Mazagan Mr. Messod Bensimeon has, through Mr. L. A. Cohen, been induced to become an honorary correspondent of this Association.
The Rev. A. Lowy, on being invited by the representatives of the Glasgow Branch to attend the
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