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A great impetus to Jewish Education will be given by a new measure, the importance of which it is impossible to over-estimate. With the help of that distinguished philanthropist, the Baroness Burdett-Coutt.s, a Special Fund is now being formed for the establishment of " Jewish Girls' Schools in the East."
To grants which are to be made out of this Fund a stipulation connected with hygiene is to be attached, and is sure to receive universal approval. Details relating to this subject will be found below, pp. 58—60.
Additional efforts for raising the social, moral, and intellectual standard of less fortunate brother Israelites are recorded in the different sections of this publication, and will be readily noticed on referring to the Table of Contents printed on the cover of this Report.
All the labours of the Anglo-Jewish Association converge in an endeavour to counteract the evil effects of bygone oppression, or of oppression still prevailing in dark quarters of the Continent. The Council therefore invite all who sympathise with their efforts to assist this Association in the task of elevating the degraded, instructing the ignorant, and strengthening the ancient bond of Israel's brotherhood, by the legitimate defence of Jewish rights, by the support of well-managed Schools, and by the encouragement of self-reliance.
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