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on all occasions, but being- accustomed to this ill-natured treatment,.they do not sufficiently resent it......The poor
Jews, intellectually far superior to the Arabs, would be greatly benefited, if a European teacher resided amongst them, who would on all occasions represent their interests, and also, if necessary, plead their cause. They do not seem to understand the degrading effect of the assaults to which they are exposed, nor that as British subjects they are entitled to the protection of the Government."
In conclusion the writer makes several practical suggestions for remedying the existing state of things.
About the same time that this letter was received, Captain Burton, the celebrated African traveller, who was on the point of starting for his travels in the East, kindly promised that he would collect materials of practical information regarding the Jews in Aden and Yemen. Letters were accordingly given him on behalf of the Association to Jewish correspondents in Aden and in Sanaa. Captain Burton was also supplied with lists of interrogatories.
Abstract of a letter erom Dr. Allatini on this Subject.
"... It is certain that the proposal to establish a Normal School in Turkey would promise favourable results, inasmuch as the future teachers (by reason of their belonging themselves to the East, and thus possessing the same language, manners aud customs as the natives, in addition to a good education) would successfully impart elementary and even superior instruction. They would assuredly have great advantages over foreign masters, who would have to struggle with a new climate, with a strange tongue, with unfamiliar habits and with all the inconveniences of emigration.
" Thus far, it must be stated, the teachers that have been sent to Turkey—mostly by the Oomite Central of the Alliance Israelite Universelle—have fully realised the expectations entertained concerning their merits. On the other hand I am bound to admit, from personal exparience, and from accounts
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