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Since last year we have had only one inter-marriage between ua and the Jews.
16. Are the Beni Israel treated in a friendly manner by the Jews in India, or is there a distance between the two classes owing to a difference of language?
The Bagdad and Cochin Jews attend our Synagogues, and we theirs, and we eat together. We had the same burying ground till recently. We converse with each other in the Hindoostan dialect, which is composed of Arabic, Persian, and Sanskrit, and is the lingua franca of India. There exists a distance between us, chiefly owing to difference in costume and language. We have among ns a class of Beni Israel, whom we designate " Kala Israel" or " Black Israel." Between them and ourselves no inter-marriages ever take place. They are descendants of Beni Israel by heathen wives. Some of these are also proselytes. They have separate burying grounds.
17. Are there any Congregations of Beni Israel which adopt customs different from the Beni Israel in Bombay ?
There are no congregations of the Beni Israel whose customs differ from those of the Beni Israel in Bombay.
18. Have they preachers in their Synagogues ?
We have no preachers, but we have some religious meetings held in our schools, where we read the Scriptures and converse thereon.
19. Have they during any past period of their history been compelled by invaders to remove from their original dwelling-places, and have some Beni Israel at such periods been compelled to renounce their religion ?
No special efforts were made in former times to convert us. Most of our people having providentially settled in the Hindoo territories were looked upon as outcasts. This afforded a protection which otherwise we should not have obtained. The Portuguese of Groa made some attempts at conversion, but they did not find many of our people within their reach.
(Signed) Joseph Samuel \
nr Sxw DiSsy I
Si-ialoam Isaac
Directors Beni Israel ( Benevolent Society.
Abraham Daniel,
Secretary Beni Israel Benevolent Society,
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