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however, Mr. Joseph Ezekiel, is annually appointed examiner in Hebrew by the Bombay University, and is also permanently employed as a teacher in the Bassoon Hebrew and English Seminary. There is another by name, Mr. Shaloam Samuel, who is employed as a teacher by the Church Missionary Society in their Hebrew and Marathi School, where the Hebrew of late has been discontinued.*
7. Have the Beni Israel schools of their own, teachers of their own people, and any school books peculiar to the Beni Israel ? If so note down the names of the books.
We have only one school, lately established in Bombay, which is supported entirely by voluntary subscriptions raised in our own community. The teacher is Mr. Samson Judah Ashkenazie. Besides the Hebrew Bible, we teach from two other books, composed by two Beni Israel, entitled ]WN"in "Hebrew Primer," and ]WS"in "Hebrew first book,"
chiefly adapted for beginners, and very useful for junior students, f
8. Is there any book written in the native language of the Beni Israel, which treats of the history of the Bible, of religious or domestic customs, or of any other subject that concerns the Beni Israel ?
We have the Songs of Solomon, rendered into Marathi verse by Mr. David Haeem, also translations of books of a religious and ritualistic character made by our own people, a list of which we beg to annex herewith. We have two original books in Marathi, one of which is the history of the Beni Israel, and the other contains their manners and customs; the authors of which books are Messrs. Simeon Benjamin and Haeem Joseph, but these books do not deserve to be regarded as histories. There is a third, which for the most part is a translation of the "Wars of the Jews" by Josephus. The concluding part has been added by a modern writer, and extends to the year 1874, but it
contains only a passing allusion to the Beni Israel.
Mr. Haeem Samuel says :—They do not understand the Talmudieal idiom. We have teachers who can teach the rudiments of the Hebrew language, but as they are otherwise engaged, they cannot instruct their brethren by holding voluntary classes without inconvenience to themselves.
f According to Mr. H. Samuel the school accommodates from 80 to 100 pupils, and it appears that it is not sufficiently supported.
$ Mr. H. Samuel says :—There is also a pamphlet about the manners and customs of the Beni Israel, which contains an exaggerated account of such manners and customs as are not in vogue among the Beni Israel, and for which the young author was excommunicated, and he has not yet been re-admitted.
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