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every religious denomination; and that Israelites entering Spain, and desirous of freely worshipping their Creator in accordance with the dictates of conscience, may find in that no ble country the same freedom from interference which they now find in every other enlightened country. And it is our profound satisfaction that these concessions once made have never been forfeited, because every Israelite is taught, as a fundamental principle of his life, to identify loyalty with the due observance of his ancestral religion.
" Finally, we pray that your Majesty's Government, by its constitutional enactments, may declare that Israelites shall be entitled to all those rights which, in all civilized states, loyal subjects cherish as their dearest birthright, and by which modern legislation lias succeeded in consolidating the public well-being and in securing national contentment.
"We subscribe ourselves with the most profound respect,
" Your Majesty's most humble and
most obedient Servants,
George Jessel, Master of the Rolls.
Francis H. Goldsmid, Bart., M.P.
Abraham Benlsch, Ph. D.
Barrow H. Ellis, K.C.S.I. I Vice-
Julian Goldsmid, M.P. (Presidents.
F, D. Mocatta,
Reuben D. Sassoon,
Leopold Schloss,
John Simon, Serjeant at Law, M.P.
Ellis A. Franklin, Treasurer.
Alfred Gutteres IIenriques,
of ZAg i&cemfzue CWmzMff.
B. Kisch, M.A.,
Chairman of the Education Committee.
I. Seligman,
A. Lowr, Secretary.
" London, 3rd April, 1870."
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