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hope that it will derive increased prosperity from the general recognition of its objects, and that the principle of voluntary accession, an element of strength in all similar institutions, will have the effect of connecting with the Association everyone capable of evincing sympathy with the defence of Jewish rights, and with the work of extending education to remote Jewish centres.
The experience of the past year has fully borne out these views. The Association, availing itself of the relations of England with foreign countries, has had satisfactory opportunities of responding to the applications of Jewish communities, and of supporting the political and civil claims of the Jews in various countries. The Council can affirm with patriotic pride that for the success of some of their efforts in favour of foreign Jewish communities, they are deeply indebted to the humane and effective aid rendered by Her Majesty's Government, whenever emergencies have arisen demanding prompt intervention, or whenever it was deemed needful to obtain information through the medium of the Foreign Office.
In addition to this public expression of thanks, the Council have to convey their sincere acknowledgments to many kind and disinterested friends, only a few of whom are mentioned by name in this Report^ who have given to the Anglo-Jewish Association the benefit of their influence and experience, in asserting and maintaining for vast Jewish populations the enjoyment of civil and political rights, and in procuring
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