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whose ambition scarcely a boundary is fixed, it is extremely difficult to realise the meaning of the word persecution, and we find it hard to bring home to ourselves the fact that there exist in certain parts of the world hundreds of thousands of our co-religionists who are looked upon as the pariahs or outcasts of society, and who are subjected to treatment which can only find a parallel in that to which we were exposed in the darkest days of the dark middle ages. It is only when the cry of our brethren, caused by some terrible outburst of fanaticism such as periodically recurs in Eoumania, in Servia, or in Morocco, pierces our ear and freezes the very marrow in our bones, that we can form even a faint, conception of the dread import of the word, and that fierce exclamations of indignation escape our lips. Then, and then only, are our sympathies effectually aroused, but only for a while, for with the cause the effect soon wears off, and we sink once more into our state of comparative apathy. But whether we are conscious of it or not, there are thousands of our brethren, members of the same race, professing the same creed, praying in the same sacred language as ourselves, who live in a perpetual state of persecution and who are hourly subjected to treatment . like • that detailed in our last report iii the papers which we there published relating to the Jews of Persia. It is these whom it behoves us to help, it is for these that our Anglo-Jewish Association was. formed, and it is for the sake of these that we invite every thinking Jew, every Jew who loves his race, every Jew who recognises our leading principle, mi nr omy ^ to join our ranks. And how do we propose to carry on the work ? To this the answer is, by protesting. Whenever a cry of persecution reaches our ear we shall protest; whenever we hear that our brethren labour in certain countries under certain disabilities we shall protest; and we shall continue our protests until our voice is heard and the evil
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