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A. Benas, Esq. L. Davis, Esq. A. Hoffnung, Esq. A. S. Levy, Esq. Dr. S. Lewis, Esq.
Baron L. Senas, Esq., President. Mark Samuel, Esq., Treasurer.
R. Robinson, Esq. C. S. Samuel, Esq. H. S. Samuel, Esq. R. H. Samuel, Esq. S. Stern, Esq.
H. M. Silver, Esq., Hon. Sec.
WE have pleasure in reporting that our adherents continue to take a warm interest m the work of the Anglo-Jewish Association, and we venture to hope that for any special appeal which would imperatively call for active aid onr members woiucl not be found wanting.
We received, in November last, an application from Mr. Louis Samuel, President of the Hebrew Congregation in loronto, Canada, requesting the co-operation of the society m relieving several Jewish operatives from the penalties which were inflicted upon them by the magistrates of that city in consequence of their having pursued their calling on Sunday. As the Jews in Great Britain are exempted by a special clause in the Factory Act (though die enactments of onr Parliament are not binding in the Dominion of Canada) it was hoped that the magistrates there would be favourably influenced by the precedent set by the Imperial Legislature. We were cordially assisted by the Association in London, who pro-vided us with a copy of the Act referring to the case in point, and we are happy to report that when submitted to the magistrates m Toronto, they at once rescinded the fine imposed and, henceforth Jews may continue their handicrafts on Sunday without hindrance.
In February last we received a communication from the Association in London respecting the Jews in Reg (Morocco! who, it appears, have been subjected to severe exactions by
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