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of Jewish claims for the purpose of detailing all their grievances. I am not aware whether they ever have petitioned their Government to allow the establishment of a trustworthy Jewish Consistory, or of a public Jewish Board of Curators who should report to the Government the loyal aims, wants and wishes of the Jews. The Jewish communities appear to labour under the impression that, as a body, they are not permitted to make their voices heard by Government. The troubles and sorrows of the congregations seem only to be made known in the guise of submissive gratitude for past favours, and not in the outspoken language of freedom and conscious self-assertion. An apparent calmness enshrouds the feelings of despair. The burning wishes of the Jews appear in faint and timid petitions of a few persons, and can barely attain their object. And yet there is no doubt that, beyond the considerations of common interests, the exalted motives of humanity will always exercise their force in the higher and highest quarters ; for everywhere resounds the welcome declaration that in the Czar's dominions justice is to be done to every class of his Majesty's subjects.
If, through the existence of numerous disabilities, the moral strength of our people suffers; if straightforwardness is shunned as the sign of dangerous presumption, it seems to be almost a miracle that there are so many noble-minded, though dis-spirited men in the Jewish communities of Russia who sacrifice many essential comforts to the honour and the maintenance of their religion.
As regards the education of females, it is to be observed that at present some of the wealthier classes send their daughters to the superior schools, known by the name of Gymnasia. These high schools are of recent origin, and have been founded under Imperial patronage. The young Jewish maidens, like their brothers studying in corresponding institutions, frequently carry off the prizes at the annual examinations. The plan of devoting the larger number of school hours to the study of the classical languages has been abandoned in many of our best managed public schools : but in Russia, an excess of Latin study—by order of the Government—is being carried on with exclusiveness. Even the high-schools for are said to be inconveniently surcharged with Latin instruction to the detriment of more profitable studies.
The elementary schools for females are severely criticised on account of their inefficiency. It is supposed that the Russian teachers do not rise to the level of their professional duties, either from a want of proper training, or because they are
an all-absorbing females are said
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