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Prince, a native of that England where the Jews enjoy the same rights as the Christians, and where lately, as if God wished to encourage the Emperor of Russia to persevere in his noble sentiments, the Christian Parliament has abolished a form of oath which was contrary to the belief of the Jew.
Sire,' may the day on which the marriage of England and Russia is solemnized, witness the most magnificent conquest of civilisation, and, in its turn, shed its lustre on the reign of Alexander II.
Those who venture to address this supplication to your Majesty, in the name of your Jewish subjects, are the representatives in England and in Erance of an Universal Isradlitish Alliance, and they will reckon as the happiest day of their lives that on which they have invoked your Majesty to extol his past, and to implore him to vouchsafe such a magnificent act of his supreme power.
May Russia, under your august rule, unite its name and yours to the names of the other States which in modern times have recognised by legislation the equality of faiths. Since God permits them all, surely it is worthy of him, who in his terrestrial empire wields the sceptre of supreme power, to raise himself even to the thoughts of God.
Sire, deign to receive the respectful homage of the delegates of England and Erance, who on so auspicious an occasion unite in offering their congratulations and their prayers for the happiness of the bride and bridegroom. And deign also to listen to the supplication which they address to your Majesty to place this great act of his paternal justice under the guarantee of this illustrious alliance.
Ad. CRJSMTEUS, President.
S. H. GOLDSCHMIDT, Vice-President.
N. LEYEN, Secretary.
HEKRY de WORMS, President, A.J.A.
R. D. SASSOON, Vice-President. „
HERBERT Gr. LOUS ADA, Solicitor and Secretary.
It was the intention of the Council to have presented another address to the Czar on the occasion of his recent visit to England. Indeed, such a document was already prepared, but, on its being ascertained that His Majesty was unwilling to receive any deputations, it
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