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deeply indebted, and, if tliey do not here specify individuals, it is because where all have done so much this would be invidious ; and if any one has rendered himself especially conspicuous, the Council feel satisfied that the consciousness of having worked well in a good cause, and of having gained their gratitude, felt if not expressed, will, in itself, be the highest reward that he can desire.
We now come to a detailed statement of our work, which will, in accordance with our usual plan, be set out in the following separate chapters :—
I. The Soiree.
II. The Jews of Servia.
III. The Jews of Persia.
IV. The Jews of Russia.
V. The Jews of Morocco.
VI. The Jews of Yemen.
VII. The Agricultural School at Jaffa.
VIII. The School at Smyrna.
IX. The Jews of Bagdad.
X. The School at Corfu.
XI. The Library at Tangiers.
XII. The Jews of Crete.
But before treating of these, the Council would state generally with reference to the past year, that although politically it has been comparatively uneventful, and they have to-day no acts of terrible persecution to record, such as have sometimes appalled the whole of the civilized world, the Association has still found plenty of scope for action. Its first efforts have been directed to furnishing itself with the means of carrying on its work, and for this end it has endeavoured to gain as many friends as possible, being well aware that in order to be in a position to do good to others it must first provide for its own safety, and that the enlargement of the sphere of its usefulness must be pre-
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