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still the Council cannot find a cause for regret in this, as they are glad to perceive that the shortcoming in this respect is more than counterbalanced by the increase in the subscriptions, and more especially as they were not obliged to make this year a special appeal to the generosity of the public, as they were in the last session. The branches also figure in the balance-sheet to a greater extent than they have done hitherto.
But, although our pecuniary prospects wear so fair an aspect, we earnestly hope that the public will not hold their hands. Funds are much needed for all purposes, and for none more than for the furtherance of our educational plans, particularly for those detailed in the scheme above referred to; and our readers should bear in mind that, in proportion as our resources increase, so will our powers of doing good.
Last year the Council had to deplore the loss of one of their most prominent members, and they will not readily forget the debt of gratitude which they owe to the late Jacob Waley, the noble promoter of the undertaking, to whose indefatigable exertions the Association owes its very existence. This year the late Alderman Sir David Salomons has also been removed from us, and the Council would here pay an affectionate tribute to his memory. Both he and the late Mr. Waley will long live in the grateful remembrance of those with whom they worked, and of whose labours the Association is to-day the fruit.
But, although these are gone, the Association still retains among its pioneers some who continue to labour unceasingly and unwearyingly in its support, and to whom it cannot use language sufficiently strong to express the gratitude which it owes to them, and to mark its appreciation of their invaluable services.
To the various Committees who have worked so actively during the past year, the Council are also
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